Case Studies

Total Knee Replacement

Mrs. Thomas had significant knee arthritis that was limiting her daily life. Her walking distance had decreased in the year leading up to surgery and she was taking regular painkillers. Her knee had started to wake her up every night. She had moderate to severe arthritis in her knee and decided to proceed with knee replacement. She reports that one year down the line form surgery she sometimes forgets which knee has been operated on.

Recurrent Groin pain

I injured my hip playing netball and was unable to do any sporting activity. I have recurrent pain with any twsting movements in my groin that radiated down my leg and was made worse every time I bent over.

Mr Dodd identfied that I had torn my hip labrum and I underwent hip keyhole surgery to stabilise the tear.

I am now back to sport with very few symptoms left and no restrictions in my activities. I am very happy with the result.

Deborah Braun

Hip arthroscopy - A. Lewis

I undewent Hip Arthroscopy for groin pain and I had no problems after surgery and felt the benefit immediately.

Mr. Dodd gave me all the information I needed to make a decision to go ahead with the operation.