Mr Dodd works closely with his physiotherapists throughout his practice. With their help and input following a tailored regime designed to work on all aspects of your recovery, depending on the surgery you might have had, or to maximise the outcomes from non-surgical management, achieves the goals we are aiming for. Prevention of future injuries is just as important treating them once they've occurred.

The layers of the musculature around the hip joint are complex and still quite poorly understood from a rehabilitation perspective. In order to prevent further deterioration of tendonitis and inflammatory conditions around the hip and, improve post-operative rehabilitation after hip arthroscopy, we have devised a hip specific physiotherapy rehabilitation protocols to be used with the guidance of your own physio.

You will also find regimes that have been specifically designed to gain the maximum outcome from your knee surgery and guide your rehabilitation after ligament reconstruction and meniscal surgery.

Joint replacement of both the hip and the knee achieves the best results with early mobilisation and return to normal daily activities. The rehabilitation programs found here will help to guide this recovery with the help of your physiotherapists.

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A comprehensive approach to treatment and rehabilitation

Providing a complete service starting with the diagnosis of your hip or knee symptoms, through the treatment plan of your underlying condition, to a tailored rehabilitation programme to get the most from any treatment and surgical intervention that may have been advised.

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