Any surgical intervention is only a part of the treatment process and without good physiotherapy and support the best possible outcomes are harder to achieve. 

Whilst the best rehabilitation regimes following joint replacement often involve gradually returning to normal function while avoiding certain specific activities, the rehab protocols after ACL reconstruction and hip arthroscopy are much more strict and labour intensive.  Following them closely is essential for optimum outcomes.

Following knee arthroscopy most patients don't require specific physio input as return to normal activities within 2 weeks and sports by 6 weeks is achievable with simple advice and exercises given before discharge.

Hip Replacement

Your hip replacement will continue to improve for a year following surgery.  You will find a guide to your rehabilitation for the first few months here and exercises that you can continue throughout your recovery to help achieve the best results

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Knee Replacement

Rehabillitation after your knee replacement is crucial. It will take a year for your knee replacement to reach its best and during the first three months it is essential to continue with your exercises to achieve the range of motion that is required to allow the knee to function at its best. Whilst the minimum aim is to achieve a range of motion from zero to ninety degrees many patients will achieve more. You will find guidance here as to a range of exercises that will help you to achieve this goal.

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Hip Arthroscopy Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation after hip arthroscopy is essential. It can take a number of months to achieve the desired outcome andwithout input from your physio good results willbe harder to achieve.

Here you will find a comprehensive guide to use with their instruction to achieve good outcomes.

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Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Rehabilitation

A guide for you rehabilitation after ACL reconstruction that you can work through with your physiotherapist.

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