ACL reconstruction

Mr Dodd uses the All-inside, TLS, technique with a single hamstring graft from FH Ortho UK. He as been using the similar technique since 2011, which he learnt on fellowship in Canada, with good outcomes and less postoperative pain for his patients.

Hip arthroscopy

Hip arthroscopy requires placement of a camera and telescope into the hip joint using specialist equipment.  Common procedures include a labral repair and CAM and Pincer resection for impingement.  Mr Dodd has set up and leads the Hip Arthroscopy service in Swansea University Health Board and South West Wales.

Partial knee replacement

Partial knee replacement is possible if the type and location of knee arthritis is suitable. The most widely used and accepted implant in the UK is the Oxford partial knee from ZimmerBiomet.

The Mini Hip

The restoration of normal anatomy and the preservation of bone are key factors a surgeon aims to achieve when performing total hip replacement.  When the patients anatomy is suitable this can be acheived with the Mini Hip from Corin.  Swansea is one of the leading centres in the development of this prosthesis and now has excellent results extending into the mid term range of 5-10 years.

The Vale Hospital

Purpose Built, modern hospital in relaxed surroundings. Just off the M4 at junction 34 on the Swansea side of Cardiff.